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The Dangers of Lithium Batteries and How Next Gen Lithium Avoids Them

If you use lithium ion batteries for boats or other vehicles, you have probably heard a few stories about problems that users have encountered with them. Like any other battery on the market, you can find examples of lithium batteries malfunctioning or catching fire if you take the time to look for them, but there is almost always a reasonable explanation behind the incidents. Next Gen lithium batteries lead the industry in terms of quality and safety. Read on to learn more about the common causes behind dangerous incidents with lithium batteries and how Next Gen Lithium products address them, and shop our selection today! Manufacturing Defects In cases where lithium batteries have caught fire or exploded, the causes can...

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Why Choose Lithium Batteries For Your Boat

Are you considering a lithium battery for your boat? If so, you're like many who are making the switch to lithium marine batteries — and there are plenty of great reasons to do it! Below we're breaking down a few of the most common questions we get about marine lithium batteries, so keep reading to learn more or contact the team at Next Gen Lithium today! What Makes a Lithium Battery Appealing for Boaters? Marine lithium batteries are more efficient, weigh less, and can last up to 10 times longer than traditional batteries. In other words, they're a smart choice for many boaters. Other benefits include: A reduction in both size and weight. An increased life cycle of between 3,000...

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What Lithium Battery Is Best for Me?

At Next Gen Lithium, we are a veteran-owned and operated business. Our batteries are the safest and strongest that you can buy! We have a 12-year warranty on all of our batteries, and we are confident your purchase will supply you with the quality you expect and deserve. We offer multiple batteries for different purposes, as well as a lithium ion battery for boats, and we are here to break down which of  our batteries might be best suited for your needs. Shop our lithium batteries now! 12V 300Ah Deep Cycle Battery Our 12V 300Ah Deep Cycle Battery is the largest battery we sell. If you need power for some time, this battery optimizes maximum power so you can achieve...

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How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last?

If you need a battery that lasts long and is strong, Next Gen Lithium provides strong lithium batteries that also provide more safety components than traditional batteries. Moreover, a lithium battery has many benefits, and at Next Gen Lithium, we offer a 12-year battery warranty for your convenience. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we strive to provide exceptional customer service across the United States, and we believe our lithium batteries are built to last! Shop our lithium batteries today!   What Is a Lithium Battery? A lithium battery is unique from other batteries because of its high charge density. This rechargeable battery uses lithium ions to create electrical potential between the positive and negative outlets of the battery. Nowadays,...

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The Best Trolling Motor Battery For My Boat?

If you are looking for the best trolling motor battery, then Next Gen Lithium is your answer. Next Gen Lithium has created a 36V 40Ah Trolling Motor Battery that is guaranteed to keep your trolling motor at full power all day long. This Lithium Battery can replace THREE Group 31 marine batteries! weighing only 35 lbs, making it easy to transport with you on your boat. A lighter boat will give you more speed and fuel efficiency while also allowing you to draft shallower water which means more places to explore! At only 35 lbs, it is hard to believe that ONE battery can replace three group 31 marine batteries but anglers have been seeing the benefits and so should...

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