What Makes Next Gen Lithium Different

What Makes Next Gen Lithium Different?

Lithium batteries were introduced in the 90’s and have grown exponentially in popularity ever since.  It’s no surprise why. They are long lasting and reliable which makes them a great investment for your home, boat, RV, cottage, or garage. But what sets Next Gen Lithium ion batteries apart from the rest?  We offer the strongest and longest lasting products as well as industry leading customer service standards. Find out more about what makes Next Gen Lithium different.


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Our Return Policy 

At Next Gen Lithium, we know that you will love our lithium ion batteries as much as we do. In fact, we are so sure of it that we offer a 30-day return policy on all of our products. We aren’t just saying that we make the world's strongest batteries — we actually do. Try one of our lithium batteries for 30 days and if you still don’t agree, we will refund your money with no questions asked!

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Our Safety Guarantee

We strive to bring you the world's toughest and safest lithium-ion batteries and chargers. Not only are they safe for the environment, but they are safe for you to use anywhere that needs battery power.  Using quality components and craftsmanship, Next Gen Lithium produces the safest lithium batteries on the market with the most cutting-edge battery management system around.

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Our Exceptional Warranty

Continuing to set the bar for industry standards in customer service, Next Gen Lithium offers an unprecedented 12-year warranty (even though we don’t think you’ll ever need it). We strongly believe that our batteries are second to none; that’s why we happily offer the world’s best and most user-friendly warranty on all of our lithium-ion batteries and chargers. With a 12 year warranty, what do you have to lose?

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Our Long-Lasting Batteries

In addition to all of this, when you buy Next Gen Lithium's batteries, you can be sure that you are getting the longest-lasting batteries on the planet. We take as much pride in our product as we do our customer service standards. Our industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge innovation have allowed us to create a superior product that lasts.

At Next Gen Lithium, our standard is to be the world's best. We provide world-class customer service, our batteries are second to none, and if you aren’t satisfied with our product, you can get your money back! Next time you need a lithium battery for your home, RV, or anything else, forget the rest and try the best with Next Gen Lithium.

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