The Dangers of Lithium Batteries and How Next Gen Lithium Avoids Them

The Dangers of Lithium Batteries and How Next Gen Lithium Avoids Them

If you use lithium ion batteries for boats or other vehicles, you have probably heard a few stories about problems that users have encountered with them. Like any other battery on the market, you can find examples of lithium batteries malfunctioning or catching fire if you take the time to look for them, but there is almost always a reasonable explanation behind the incidents. Next Gen lithium batteries lead the industry in terms of quality and safety. Read on to learn more about the common causes behind dangerous incidents with lithium batteries and how Next Gen Lithium products address them, and shop our selection today!

Manufacturing Defects

In cases where lithium batteries have caught fire or exploded, the causes can often be traced back to manufacturing defects. Next Gen Lithium ion batteries undergo extensive testing and diagnostics before leaving our facility to ensure they are safe and ready to operate efficiently for their recommended lifespan.

Design Flaws

There are different ways to make a lithium ion battery. Some companies cut corners and prioritize volume over quality in their manufacturing processes, but Next Gen Lithium is not one of them. All of our products are designed with safety in mind, from our lithium ion batteries for boats to our lithium batteries for campers, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles.

Low-Quality Components

In some cases, dangerous incidents with lithium ion batteries can be traced back to low-quality components. For example, a battery might contain substandard materials that can lead to it overheating or even exploding. This is another issue that Next Gen Lithium products address head-on. We only use the highest quality components in our lithium batteries, so you can be confident that they will perform safely and reliably.

Improper Usage

Even if a battery is properly designed, free from defects, and manufactured with high-quality components, dangerous situations can still occur if it is used improperly. Batteries can be damaged if they are overcharged, overheated, punctured, or damaged in a significant way. In some cases, these problems can lead to fires or explosions if not addressed quickly. Next Gen Lithium products are designed to be used safely and responsibly. We provide clear instructions on how to use our lithium batteries, and we also have a team of experts who are available to help you if you have any questions.
Whether you need lithium ion batteries for boats or lithium batteries for RVs, ATVs, and other vehicles, Next Gen Lithium batteries are the clear choice. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of quality, reliability, and safety with every product. Order yours today!
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