The Best Trolling Motor Battery For My Boat?

The Best Trolling Motor Battery For My Boat?

If you are looking for the best trolling motor battery, then Next Gen Lithium is your answer. Next Gen Lithium has created a 36V 40Ah Trolling Motor Battery that is guaranteed to keep your trolling motor at full power all day long.

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This Lithium Battery can replace THREE Group 31 marine batteries!

weighing only 35 lbs, making it easy to transport with you on your boat. A lighter boat will give you more speed and fuel efficiency while also allowing you to draft shallower water which means more places to explore! At only 35 lbs, it is hard to believe that ONE battery can replace three group 31 marine batteries but anglers have been seeing the benefits and so should you!

Next Gen Lithium batteries feature the best components available, state of the art Battery Management System that will deliver the safest Lithium Battery on the market.

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Features 92 reserve minutes!

This 36V 40Ah Trolling Battery features 92 reserve minutes, or enough power for extended trolling in one area for up to nine hours. In addition to that capacity, an on-board DC charger (sold separately) will automatically recharge the trolling battery from the outboard engine’s charging system if your boat is so equipped. Imagine being able to use your trolling motor all day long with only one battery!
This 36V 40Ah Trolling Motor Battery is the same exact size as a typical group 31 battery, so it fits in most marine battery trays. (13″L x 6.81″ W x 8.43″ T) Installation is a super easy so when you are ready to go with a Next Gen Lithium battery you will have power for days!

With a lifespan of 2000-5000 cycles, this bluetooth enabled, Lithium powered battery will be THE battery and brand for all your marine needs. We stand behind our products and believe the quality of our products and the craftsmanship is second to none in the lithium battery industry. That is why we are happy to offer the world's best and industry leading warranty. And when you purchase from Next Gen Lithium or any of our authorized dealers if you are not happy within 30 days of your purchase feel free to return your batteries for a refund.

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Still not convinced?

 Read why MLF Bass Pro Tour angler and winner of nine national tournament titles Ish Monroe has chosen to join the Next Gen Lithium Batteries pro staff.

“I love the NextGen Lithium, their efficiency gives me the confidence to run two 36 volt batteries which gives me all the power I need, and more space in my Battery compartment,” Monroe said. “Next Gen Lithium batteries are lighter, which allows my boat to run faster and draft shallower to allow me to go further and fish shallower. "

Monroe said that he can fish with more confidence now. “They also charge faster by design, which allows me to fish longer on practice days and still get a full charge. To top it all off, the owner of the company is a tournament fisherman, so he understands and knows what is needed when I am out there on the water; I couldn’t be happier to be working with Next Gen Lithium Batteries.”


Next Gen Lithium Batteries' President, Kevin Johnson

Discusses the product's development. “We have the most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe PO4) batteries on the market and we have learned how to keep anglers on the water longer, go further, be able to fish harder and go faster all while eliminating the excess weight of conventional batteries,” said Johnson. “We did all of this while striving to keep our prices affordable and still be able to offer an industry best 12-year warranty.” 

To purchase the best trolling motor battery for your boat, visit today!

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