Next Gen Lithium's Reward Program and How to Get Paid

Next Gen Lithium's Reward Program and How to Get Paid

Your marine battery is the lifeblood of the electronics on your boat. Whether it’s a trolling motor or sonar, you need your battery to function. At Next Gen Lithium, we create lithium marine batteries to put you right on top of the fish. If you are a tournament fisherman, we offer the opportunity to earn money back on your battery investment! Here is some information you need to know about our rewards program so that you can get paid — just for using a marine battery!

What is Next Gen’s Rewards Program?

For those who use our batteries, the Next Gen Rewards program offers our customers the opportunity to be paid for each fishing tournament that they win. If you are using one, two, or three of our batteries in your boat, you are eligible to win $150, $300, or $500 respectively! For more information about this program, reach out to us today!

How to Qualify

There are a lot of fishing tournaments in the US from local derbies to nationally acclaimed championships. To qualify for this rewards program, your tournament win must be in a tournament on our registered list of tournaments. You must also be registered with our rewards program in order to qualify!

Rules and Eligibility

In order to win, you must first be registered in our rewards program and your tournament win must be in a sanctioned event with 60 or more boats. The word “WIN” is defined by a first-place finish in your sanctioned tournament. If you use our marine batteries and are curious about our program, check out our rules and eligibility page today.

How to Register

Our marine batteries are reliable, technologically advanced, capable of lasting for 2000-5000 cycles and backed by a 12-year warranty! If you are a derby fisherman and are looking to get paid just for using a lithium marine battery, all you need to do is enroll in our rewards program today!

At Next Gen Lithium, we create top-of-the-line lithium marine batteries to power your rig and get you on top of fish each and every time. Looking to win big? Enroll in our rewards program today! Looking for the most reliable batteries on the market? Shop our collection of marine batteries today to find your perfect power options.
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