How Many Volts Should a Marine Battery Have?

How Many Volts Should a Marine Battery Have?

When it comes to your boat, we know there is no messing around! When you want to take your boat out for a day of fishing or wakeboarding, it is important to have a marine battery that you can rely on. At Next Gen Lithium, we have the batteries you need to keep your boat afloat all day long. Keep reading to learn more about how many volts a marine battery needs, and shop with us today to find the battery you need for your favorite boat!

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Marine Batteries

Of course, every boat is different so it requires different batteries and parts. However, most marine batteries are 12 volts but some can be up to 24 - 36 volts. Marine batteries are acid-led batteries and they usually hold about 200-amp hours.

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Difference Between 12 Volt and 36 Volts

Most average-sized boats need a 12 volt battery, but when you are dealing with larger boats, they may require volts between 24 and 36. Many boats that have higher voltage batteries is because they have more than one engine that needs to be powered.

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How to Choose the One For You

You don’t have to be an expert to pick out the right voltage battery for your boat, you can let the experts do it for you! If you are unsure about which one you need, our team of experts at Next Gen Lithium can hook you up with a reliable marine battery for your specific boat.

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Next Gen Lithium

Whether you need marine batteries or you are looking for one powerful enough to take your RV across the country, look no further than Next Gen Lithium! Our team of experts can help connect you with the right battery for your specific needs.

If you need lithium batteries for your boat or your other outdoor toys, you need Next Gen Lithium. Our batteries can keep your boats powered longer so you can spend the day on the water stress-free about your batteries. Shop our lithium batteries online today!

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